About Us

Welcome to the Washington DC Chapter of the French-American Chamber of Commerce!

The Chapter serves the Mid-Atlantic Region, which covers an area from Richmond, Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland.

At the Washington DC Chapter, our members are businesses and professionals involved in French-American commerce, and who have an interest in bilateral trade, investment and culture.

Our objectives are designed to support our members in furthering their bilateral trade and investment agendas. 

• Information: To provide pertinent economic and business information to our member companies and organizations.

• Cooperation: To cooperate with governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and trade associations that pursue similar goals in the interest of our members. 

• Networking: To facilitate interaction among our members, and between our members and key players, to foster fruitful business relationships.

• Resources: To provide access to a pool of multicultural, talented individuals.

To meet our objectives and provide the highest level of service to our members, the Washington DC Chapter of the French-American Chamber of Commerce provides the following services:

• FACC WDC members are listed in and have access to the Online Member Directory of the Union of French Chambers of Commerce Abroad (UCCIFE). UCCIFE is a network of 114 Chambers of Commerce, present in 78 countries with 25,000 members.

• The Chamber invites members to high-level briefings by vetted speakers and panelists, and provides carefully-sourced content on significant business issues.

• Ample opportunity exists at the FACC to host events and leverage sponsorship to highlight member profiles.

• The FACC WDC works closely with various governmental bodies, NGOs and trade associations to organize events and programs that advance the business interests of its members.

• We help to connect and promote member interests through industry-specific business seminars, keynote speaker presentations, thematic roundtables and social networking events.